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  • What is Famosos?

    Famosos is a platform where you can buy video messages from your favorite celebrities. A video message can be a birthday message, a message of congratulations, a recovery soon message, a question to the celebrity, among others. Our mission is to deliver experiences through video messages.

  • How can I contact the Famosos Team?

    You can write anything to hola@famosos.com. One of us will contact you as soon as possible.

  • How can I work in Famosos?

    If you want to be part of our team send us a motivation letter explaining the reason why you want to join our Rock Stars team to jobs@famosos.com

  • Where can I find more information about your policies?

    You can read our privacy policy and our terms of service for more information.

  • Can I be notified if my favorite celebrity joins Famosos.com?

    Yes! We invite you to create an account and write your favorite celebrities. Every time one of your favorite celebrities joins Famosos.com you will receive an email informing you. We also invite you to suggest celebrities through your social media.

  • How much does a video on Famosos.com cost?

    The cost of video depends on your celebrity. We are the technology that makes timely delivery of your video possible.

  • How can I buy a video?

    Visit Famosos.com, select or search for your favorite celebrity. Click on hire my celebrity. We are working on various payment methods so you can purchase your video.

  • Can I edit my video request after I make it?

    Currently you can not modify the request but very soon you will be able to do it!

  • How long does it take the video to be recorded?

    The time depends on your celebrity, the videos are personalized. We show you the average time it takes your celebrity to record a video message.

  • Can you guarantee my video will be recorded?

    We guarantee that your celebrity will see your request if it comply with our policies. We reserve the right not to show the celebrity requests that we consider inappropriate, so in that case, we will return your money. We also guarantee that we will return your money if the video is not recorded before 10 days.

  • Can the celebrity not record my request?

    The celebrity has the freedom to accept or reject the videos. We are a technological platform of medium and not of result. If the application is rejected, the money will be refunded.

  • Can I download my video?

    Yes! The video is yours! You can share it anywhere you want!

  • How much is the charge for my video?

    If you pay by international credit card, we make an authorization of the charge and we only make the actual charge when the request is completed by the celebrity. If you use another payment method you must pay before your video is made.

  • Can I make promotional videos?

    You are currently unable to perform promotional videos. Videos that comply with our policies are purely video messages.

  • What is a promotional video?

    A promotional video is a video promoted by a company/organization/product on social media or on the company’s website.

  • Famosos watermark has to stay?

    Yeah, removing the watermark is against our policies.

  • What if I don’t like my video?

    See our terms and conditions to see if your case applies for a refund.

  • How long does the refund take?

    The refund request is made automatically, the time in which it will be reflected on your card depends on your bank and can be a maximum period of 21 business days.