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We are Famous, Inc. , located at 10800 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 560, Miami, Florida, 33161.

For your timely and complete information, we allow ourselves to accompany the Privacy Policy of Famous Inc, hereinafter the Policy.

The importance of this Policy lies in the fact that to provide you with our services through our Site, it is necessary that you provide us with your personal information, then it is necessary that you know, accept and/or reject what we do with it. It is also important for us to know who you are and whether your interests are compatible with our

This Policy is subject to permanent changes, so we reserve the right to update, modify and publish it chronologically, to make it known to you, for the purposes outlined above

The Policy relates specifically to the way we request, store, analyze, guard, protect, use and share your personal information on our servers, on the occasion of linking to our page

It is important to note that if you make the decision to link to our site, we understand that you have unconditionally and irrevocably read and accepted this Policy as well as the so-called Terms of Use which are also available on our page for your knowledge, acceptance or rejection

The personal information to which we have access, is that related to your city of origin, country, IP address, the type of equipment you use, your email, address, phone number, registration date, user name, personal key, bank account, electronic payments, bank cards, user number on Instagram when you access our page via this, type of material requested, kind of videos uploaded, downloaded, consulted, photos, emails, letters, texts, audios, social media traffic, platform searches, purchases of goods and/or services made, purchase history, trade preferences, cookies, hardware, software, among other things, information is required beforehand, for you to link to our page and/or create an account on it, for the purpose of providing you with a better service

The purpose of the above is to provide a better service, so we will be able to offer you better services, technical support and assistance, according to the interests that you have expressed to us, in relation to advertising topics, raffles, sweepstakes, contests and promotions, provision of certain specific content, according to your market preferences, to customize your experience on our platform, as well as to comply with legal requirements, business practices, back-up operations and for other reasons that may be of interest to you, as well as ours

This information will only be disclosed to third parties, including other countries, when required by us and/or by our vendors, for the fulfillment of the interests that you have expressed to us, Therefore, you must also consult with them the type of Privacy Policy that they themselves apply and for which we do not respond, nor can we do so. In relation to the disclosure of information to other countries, we have taken relevant technological measures to ensure that your personal information enjoys the same protection as contained in this Policy

This information will also be disclosed to third parties, when you expressly request it, for which you must send the respective request, in the terms indicated in this Policy

You may also object to us processing your personal information, based on your legitimate interest and for particular reasons. Likewise, you can rank the parameters and/or scope of our marketing to you, and even request that promotional material not be sent to you, at any time, through the methods contained in this Policy

For the exercise of the rights recognized in this Policy, you must formulate the respective requirement, through the tools provided here, and the mechanisms established for that purpose in it. It is important to note that your right to submit complaints and claims to any competent authority for the protection and supervision of personal information in the country where you are located, remains current

Our page allows you to interact with other pages, platforms, social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so some of your personal information will be shared with third parties, for the purpose of allowing the respective communication

Each visit to our site allows you to track your activities on the network, through technologies known as web beacons, embedded scripts, location data services, which may provide us with more information about your browsing preferences stored on your computer and record cookies on your computer, or even copy codes from your computer, or your computer and employ various mechanisms related to your navigation preferences

This technology allows to know, for example, date and time of your visit to our platform, areas visits in your navigation, Links to which you have accessed, Websites, propaganda visited, modality under which you have accessed, IP address, mobile number, information from your computer, such as your location, Computer Connection Type, Search Engine, Version, Operating System, Platform, Message Query Information

If you are a customer providing content to our platform, we will process such information, in order to massively offer videos and other material that is uploaded and/or uploaded on our site. Likewise, we will process all the information that is necessary for you to receive direct payments from third parties, as indicated in the Terms of Use contained in our platform

From elsewhere, the information related to the payments made to them, will also be kept in accordance with our Policy, in order to ensure the correct processing of the same, effectiveness, efficiency, safety, transparency and traceability, and in the event of any related observations. Likewise, the information related to the means and payment mechanisms chosen by us is subject to the same Policy as that of the respective paying entities, that may be completely different and therefore need to be reviewed by you

We may sometimes share your personal information with third parties, in order to serve your browsing interests. However, we will never share your personal information to be used for purposes other than those mentioned here, without your consent, which will be requested if necessary. It is necessary to remember that the handling of your personal information is based on your acceptance and authorization, in the terms expressed in our Policy, and that you always have the right to withdraw your consent, at any time, through the tools and procedures set out on our page

In relation to children under thirteen (13) years of age, our Policy determines that we do not keep any personal information. If you, as a parent or attendant, notice that for some reason we do so, please contact us immediately to make the necessary adjustments: at 10800 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 560, Miami, Florida, 33161. The above is because our site is designed for widespread use, and it is possible that eventually and involuntarily, we have been able to collect such information

We will disclose personal information about you, even against your will, when required to do so by law, justice or any competent authority in any jurisdiction, in the course of a fraud investigation, violation of the intellectual, copyright or literary property rights related to you and that may harm our interests, always in the exercise of our legal rights and in the event of possible accusations of hacking, breach of the Policy, of the Terms of Use or Services for legal or governmental reasons

We will also disclose, transfer, assign your personal information in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, agreement, bankruptcy and/or any other transaction involving Celebrity Inc

If you expressly request it, we may transform your personal information into another technological modality that prevents identifying you, such as converting your email into an alphanumeric code, which would no longer be your personal information

If you want to access, review, correct, edit or update your own personal information, simply access your account on the page, or through the app on your mobile and make the changes you want to make

When you request us to delete your personal information, we will take concrete actions to remove it from our active databases, but we will retain the original information, in accordance with our Policy, for eventual cases of dispute, compliance with legal regulations, recording preservation, back up. In any case, we will never retain your information longer than is necessary to comply with our Policy

If you are a visitor to our site and are located outside the United States of America, the personal information you provide will be collected, processed, retained, transferred to our servers in that country, or others where we or our vendors conduct their business operation

No matter where the information is located, we take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of your rights, in the terms of this policy

We take reasonable security measures to protect the information submitted to us, according to the technological facilities existing to date

Although no system of transmission and/or administration of data through the global internet network is completely secure, we have taken reasonable technological security measures to protect the information held by us, which must be known and taken into account by you whenever you use our site, so that such knowledge is under your responsibility

Accordingly, if you have any security related questions on our page, please contact us, through the respective communication channels provided in our Policy

If you wish to deactivate your account, Contact us for this purpose at 10800 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 560, Miami, Florida, 33161, USA

If you want to work with us, or for us as an official and/or work under the modality of partners, you can apply by contacting us through the channels and people informed in this Policy, so that you are informed about our Policy in this regard. We may share personal information about you, for the exclusive purposes mentioned in this paragraph, or to improve our selection processes, or to protect us from work claims

Again we reiterate that if you make the decision to link to our site, we understand that you have unconditionally and irrevocably read and accepted this Policy as well as the so-called Terms of Use which are also available on our page for your knowledge, acceptance or rejection

However, if you do not wish to receive any information from us again, but without withdrawing from our site, through the channels and people informed in this Policy and you will only receive information from us related to the payment status of your account

If you require more information about this Policy, you can contact us at 10800 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 560, Miami, Florida, 33161.