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Money back guarantee

Without prejudice to any rights established by law, the Owner grants Users the right to cancel a purchase with which they are not satisfied and to obtain a refund. The terms and conditions applicable to said offer can be found in the specific section of this Application.

Refund Policy

When submitting a request for a Celebrity video to a Talent user. The Talent User has up to 10 business days to accept or reject your request. Your payment will be effective as soon as you complete your contract and create your application. In the event that the talent or Celebrities reject your application, a refund will be made to your chosen payment method (the refund may take up to 21 business days or more to appear).In the event that your application is accepted, there will be no returns or refunds.

We guarantee that the Talent User will see your request if it complies with our policies. We reserve the right not to show the Talent User requests that we consider inappropriate, in that case we will refund your money.

We also guarantee that we will refund your money if the video is not recorded within 10 days, since for us it is a request that the Talent User did not respond to and they are expired. The Talent User is free to accept or reject the videos. We are a technological platform for means and not for results. If the application is rejected, the money will be refunded.

Payment method Credit or debit card.

Payment is not effective until Famosos INC delivers the Talent User's video, with the understanding that we are an intermediary between the Talent User and the End User, the refund is activated once the Talent User has not given an answer. To the request or the right to reject it, the payment enters a state of retention until the final delivery is made to the End User or this delivery has not received a response from the Talent User. We are a company that provides services at a global level and these times depend on each banking institution and the policies that each of them have, the reimbursement may take from 7 to 21 business days depending on each Institution and its policies.

Payment method Credit or debit card with use of payment system.

The refund request is made automatically, the time in which it will be reflected on your card depends on your bank and can be a maximum period of 21 business days or more, since it depends on the policies of the payment system that was used and the verification of the bank (paypal or some other). Since the payment system and the banking institution enter into a payment dispute evaluation.

Payment method Cash.

In this case, the End User makes payment before receiving the service from the Talent User, the payment system (provider of Famosos INC) will take time to validate the payment in 3 business days, once the payment is validated by the provider, the request to the Talent User, who has only 10 calendar days to reject or accept the request for the video message.

If this is rejected by the Talent User or it is an expired request (it meets the period of 10 calendar days), the refund process can begin through the different customer support channels that Famosos INC offers.