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Refund Policy


Famosos Inc. ("Famosos"), with address at 10800 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 560, Miami, Florida, 33161, makes available to its Users, the Refund Policy. Please, when requesting one or more Refund(s) to Famosos, it is necessary that you know and understand our proposal.


Users who purchase one or more video(s), in any modality, ("flash or normal delivery"), through our platform https://www.famosos.com/ may request a refund for the total amount paid for each video message and/or video recording purchased, provided that the request for any of them has not been made in the time and manner agreed in our Terms and Conditions and that the video message and/or video recording has not at all met the conditions requested by the User.


Each of our celebrities ("Celebrity") has between 7 and 10 business days to accept or reject the request from our Users. In any case, the Celebrity has the right to reject the User's request, without the need to state any reason for doing so. In these cases, Famosos will reimburse the User, according to the chosen payment method, which may be requested in two different ways i. stars or ii. money.


i. Stars


Each star is equivalent to $1.00(one) U.S. dollar, so the balance to be refunded can be delivered in the equivalent of stars, providing that any User can use them in whole or in part at the time of re-purchasing a video message and/or video recording on our platform.


Our stars are reimbursed at the same time they are requested from Famososand will be available at any time for use at https://www.famosos.com/.



ii. Money


Famosos will reimburse the User the money equivalent to the purchase made in USD (U.S. dollars). It is important that users who choose this method of reimbursement accept that the total amount may change from time to time according to the exchange rate of each country, so our users accept that will assume the loss or gain that this method offers them and can not in any case hold Famososresponsible for it.




Famosos is a global company and each of the refund periods vary depending on each of the issuers and their policies. Therefore, the waiting period for refunds to our Users can take up to 28 business days.



*In the event that the video recording and/or video message request is accepted by the Talent and submitted in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, there will be no refunds.